Project Manager (Remote)

  • Knowledge of Agile methods (Scrum, Kanban)

  • Understand web/mobile development lifecycle and project planning

  • Experience working with worldwide market (US, EU customers)

  • Good at team motivation and problem-solving

  • Tolerance to critical and stressful situations

  • Excellent communication skills

  • Fluent in written and spoken English. Fluency in French is a plus

  • Good understanding of the sale process

  • Technical background in web/mobile space


  • Successful project development and delivery (client is happy, planned functionality is implemented, quality assurance performed and bugs are fixed, product successfully released to appropriate environment)

  • Communication with the client following the company guides (immediate escalation of the timeline changes, timely responding to a client requests, inform a client about consequences of untimely responses and manage possible delays, keep logs of meetings with clients)

  • Team management and processed coordination across team members (responsible for team members workload, managing resources required for a team to perform work)

  • Prepare and define projects scope, schedule, budget, and resource plans jointly with the team

  • Ensure projects flow well

  • Negotiate projects acceptance criteria and develop strategies to meet the requirements and deliver superior quality

  • Define change management process and follow it while tracking all projects KPIs

  • Project development compliance with estimated budget and timelines

  • Projects risk management